Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Well hello there! First post.

Hello, blog! I've been thinking about you for quite some time, and I'm really glad you're finally here.

Today we had a 'snow day' in Chicago, so I was able to sleep in a little before heading over to T-dubs for a little playtime. There was a lot more snow out there than I anticipated, and it ended up being quite the workout just getting there.

I'm excited for this little blog to grow and develop, as I find my voice and discover what it is that keeps me writing. I don't have any specific purpose in mind for you, but I am quite fond of baking, interior design, and dabble a little with the world of fashion (or, rather, I am inspired by it).

I hope to cultivate a place where one can come to know me more, and I can know myself more, and be inspired and find lovely things in the everyday.

Thanks for stopping by!



ps: I know this photo is Not very lovely at all, but this is what the outside of our apartment looked like as of this afternoon! So much snow!

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